Jan 29, 2015

Making peace with your decisions

There's plenty of times when I make decisions that I'm not sure of. The constant going back and fourth about if I made the right decision or not disturbs my peace. This happens plenty. At work, school, home, everyday interactions. After making a decision about something I'm haunted by the possibilities of what if I had did this instead of that. Or if I had said this it would've made a bigger impact. I wouldn't let go of particular decisions for quite sometime. An annoying amount of time. When what I wish I was doing was leaving my decisions behind when I make them. So I started to realize how obsessed I was with making the "right" decision that it hit me, what's done is done, and it cannot be undone. This is so simple but so difficult to remember. I asked myself what if I just let it be. Taking on that attitude of just letting it be changed my perspective immediately. I was calm. I adopted the saying; things happen for a reason and believed it. I was able to just move on. I felt peace and no longer anxiety. Moving on opens so much more possibilities than questioning yourself about things that cannot be undone.

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