Aug 28, 2014

The simple joy of being

More than usual we are quick to analyze our lives and feel unimpressed. That doesn’t mean you have a less than an interesting life. It means there’s a part of you yearning for more. Constant battles of comparison with others leave us feeling drained and worthless. We look at what we don't have more than what we do. It's crucial that you realize that at this very moment in life you are where you are meant to be. Everything and everyone in your life is there for a reason. We are fully capable of much more than we can imagine at any moment. Pay attention to the little part of you that keeps you going, to the experiences that have shaped you, and to what you truly love. When you do this; your values become clearer and we are able to say I am enough and believe it. At this very moment you are where you’re supposed to be. Be grateful for what you have, fight for what you want, notice what you can’t allow and change it. Don’t ever stop evolving into a better you.

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