Aug 28, 2014

The simple joy of being

More than usual we are quick to analyze our lives and feel unimpressed. That doesn’t mean you have a less than an interesting life. It means there’s a part of you yearning for more. Constant battles of comparison with others leave us feeling drained and worthless. We look at what we don't have more than what we do. It's crucial that you realize that at this very moment in life you are where you are meant to be. Everything and everyone in your life is there for a reason. We are fully capable of much more than we can imagine at any moment. Pay attention to the little part of you that keeps you going, to the experiences that have shaped you, and to what you truly love. When you do this; your values become clearer and we are able to say I am enough and believe it. At this very moment you are where you’re supposed to be. Be grateful for what you have, fight for what you want, notice what you can’t allow and change it. Don’t ever stop evolving into a better you.

Aug 12, 2014

How to get rid of blackheads

Blackheads are stubborn and difficult to remove. They are pores clogged with oil, dead skin and grime. They show up mostly on our noses, but can appear any where else, even in ears. You can go to your esthetician for extractions. Many people rather not. Extractions can be painful, costly and if not done correctly can irritate he skin and cause hyperpigmentation. I have tried nose strips, extractions, and peels. Nothing worked as good as this easy and simple remedy for blackheads did. To effectively remove your blackheads and keep them from coming back do this once a week. Apply this on clean skin. All you need is fresh lemon juice and cinnamon. Mix the lemon juice with powered cinnamon. Apply on your blackheads and white heads on your nose. Remove after 5 minutes. The cinnamon will make your nose red, especially if you have sensitive skin. You may need to leave it on for longer depending on how clogged your pores on your nose are. Remember to keep them from coming back you must to be consistent. I recommend doing this once to two times a week.

Aug 5, 2014

Alphabet Creams

I call it the "alphabet creams". Yet another beauty innovation originating from Asia. BB creams were all the rage a few years ago. Now there's cc creams and dd creams. They offer many different benefits other than coverage. I'm currently using a cc cream by Peter Thomas Roth on a daily basis. Its my current must have. You can find these beauty must haves at sephora of course. They have it all.

BB CREAM- Beauty Balm
BB creams are like a lighter version of foundations. They have very little skincare benefits. It primes, controls shine, and provides coverage. It can also be layered with foundation. If you have dry skin I suggest using a moisturizer prior to applying. 

CC CREAM- Color Correcting
CC creams are for evening out skin tone, making skin brighter, and firming. It also provides protection against free radicals and from the sun’s harmful rays.The consistency is light and mousse like. It can be used with foundation for added coverage, as a treatment and to prime the skin. 

DD CREAM- Dynamic Do All
DD creams cover it all. it addresses dark marks, age spots, and sun damage. It brightens and evens out skin tone. For the oiler skin types it will mattify, minimize pores, and even soothe breakouts. If you are more on the dry side DD creams will hydrate and nourish. It has something for every skin type.